Tra i finalisti del concorso “Tribute to Velazquez – The 2nd Global Painting and Sculpture Competition” – Cina, 2022

The 2nd Velázquez Painting & Sculpture Competition has received enthusiastic responses and active support from artists all over the world since the announcement of the competition was released to the world on January 4, 2022. According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee of the competition, the competition has come from: China, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Romania, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Iran, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Panama, Argentina, Honduras, Morocco, Ecuador, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and more than 40 Artists (teacher and student of art academies) from 10 countries, covering six continents including Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North and South America, and Australia; a total of 972 artists (teacher and student of art academies), with 2,356 entries (pieces) ), including 193 international artists and 569 entries, accounting for a quarter of the total entries.

According to the competition evaluation rules, the judges carefully screened and evaluated all the entries. From more than 2,300 entries, 567 shortlisted entries were selected. The results of the first round of selection are now announced: